Stephen Suess

Hi, I’m Stephen.

I design and build websites. My current favorite tools are WordPress (because you can literally build anything on top of it), HTML5, CSS, PHP and jQuery(+Javascript). Every project I undertake presents a great opportunity to learn something new, whether it be the ins and outs of Google mapping, setting up Amazon Cloud servers, building e-commerce sites, or WordPress plugins, to name a few recent explorations.

That said, the best thing about my work is the variety of interesting clients I have the opportunity to work with. Every person is unique, and collaborating with such a diverse group and set of circumstances is fascinating.

I don’t just live and breathe web projects, however. I also¬†travel a lot, and take photos. You will find links to all that in the footer below (use the up arrow) and you will find a selection of my work by clicking the right or left arrows.

Thanks for stopping by.

Stephen Suess

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Or, you can just plain old phone (or even text) me: 415-692-1116