Bocklip is a French company that was unhappy with their previously existing site, and they were unable to accomplish the customizations they needed as it was hosted on Shopify. We created a WordPress site using WooCommerce, simplified the presentation of their many project options, and designed a modern, clean updated look and feel for their […]

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Tropic of Candycorn

I recently completed a large family travel site that had a lot of complex, moving pieces that we needed to make easily understandable¬†for the community that would be using it. I setup a number of custom post types, some containing regular articles, some galleries, some videos, and some ratings. The travelogues type in particular required […]

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TICM – Dance + Theater

For this site, I wanted to play with the idea of movement (dance, if you will), so the various elements move gracefully from place to place as they are opened or the window resized.

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