Bocklip is a French company that was unhappy with their previously existing site, and they were unable to accomplish the customizations they needed as it was hosted on Shopify. We created a WordPress site using WooCommerce, simplified the presentation of their many project options, and designed a modern, clean updated look and feel for their […]

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In case it isn’t super obvious, I designed and built the very site you are on. Pretty meta, huh?

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Robert wanted to modernize and update his website from the one we had created several years ago. Working with a simple layout design he provided me, I adapted the base to work in a variety of responsive environments, ensuring the design translated well regardless of device used for viewing it.

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Jean Marc is an artist who lives in France. He needed a site to show off his wide ranging work and wanted the site to be bi-lingual. Using WordPress as the base system, I created a site and galleries that he can manage himself. New galleries are easily added within the custom template I built […]

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Shaan is a London-based artist who needed a way to update his site with new work, and so I transitioned his previous site to WordPress, creating a menu system for him to organize his work. More recently, Shaan asked me to redesign and adapt his site for both PC and mobile browsing.

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Alison is a wonderful designer I have had the pleasure of working with on several projects. For her own site, I adapted her design to sit atop WordPress which allows her to update the site herself, and add new client sections. We recently added an e-commerce section where Alison can sell various items she makes.

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Aaron came to me with a fascinating art project, and wanted to build a website to show off the collection. In addition, he wanted to allow viewers to upload their own photos that he would then approve, and that would automatically display a marker on a map.

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Maggie had an existing design that she loved, but was unable to do any updates without contacting a programmer. I rewrote her site as a WordPress template, improved the loading performance, and added in a few extras like fade ins and hidden notes that reveal themselves on rollover. Recently I expanded her website with a […]

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I have done a variety of work for Abueg Morris Architects over the years, everything from networking and office hardware and software setup to websites and servers of all kinds. I migrated their email and web server systems to a new host with a much lower annual billing and more flexible service. Most recently, I […]

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Tropic of Candycorn

I recently completed a large family travel site that had a lot of complex, moving pieces that we needed to make easily understandable for the community that would be using it. I setup a number of custom post types, some containing regular articles, some galleries, some videos, and some ratings. The travelogues type in particular required […]

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